The CBS volunteer model

Red Cross Red Crescent Volunteers

There are over 11.7 million Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) volunteers in the world, all working towards improving the health of their communities. The volunteers are the users of the CBS platform; they are trained in detecting potential health risks and reporting these to the CBS platform. The RCRC National Societies who are currently using the CBS platform are simultaneously contributing to its development by feeding their user experiences back to our tech contributors.

The volunteers have also been the developers of the platform, using their technology knowledge to create the first version of the CBS platform through various coding events. As of November 2019, the core part of the platform is under heavy development, and thus closed for volunteer contributions. However, we are looking into new models of working with tech volunteers and empowering them to help save lives!

This video gives an overview of how CBS is used:


Receive information

The volunteers in the community receive information about health risks.


Report health risk

These health risks are reported via coded SMS to protect personal data.


Share report

The SMS goes to the CBS platform, where reports are analyzed and aggregated.


Take Action

The health system or collaborators can then react on the health risk.

CBS in the future

In the future, more and more RCRC volunteers worldwide will become users of the CBS platform. By giving volunteers a tool to report on health risks in their communities, we can respond faster and tailor responses to actual needs.