CBS in Somaliland

Some of the experiences with CBS IMPLEMENTATIONS

Red Crescent Society in Somaliland

The Red Crescent Society in Somaliland (SRCS) have used CBS since May 2018 to early detect and react on possible outbreaks, so outbreaks can be stopped before they happen.

We have seen several examples of CBS working in Somaliland. For instance, in November 2018, SRCS volunteers reported cases of rash and fever via SMS to the CBS platform. Thanks to the real-time reports and excellent coordination on the ground, SRCS and the Ministry of Health and Development (MoHD) we were able to respond to the outbreak within 24 hours. The community and volunteers were initially worried about a potential Measles outbreak, as symptoms are very similar, but luckily the cases turned out to be Scarlet Fever. SRCS Mobile Health Team provided treatment and key health information in all affected communities.

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