CBS in Burkina Faso

Burkinabe Red Cross Society

Burkina Faso is facing a persistently high burden of morbidity due to communicable diseases like Malaria, Measles, or Dengue fever. In recent years, vaccine preventable diseases have steadily increased again even after a significant decrease had been achieved. Due to the emergence and intensification of armed conflicts in northern regions of the country, the access to health care is seriously affecting a large part of the population. Access for humanitarian actors to assist vulnerable people, medical evacuations and the supply of medical inputs is highly limited which endangers health workers and the health infrastructure. At the end of June 2021, Burkinabe Red Cross Society, together with the Belgium Red Cross and support of the Norwegian Red Cross, started to implemented CBS in Kaya. Currently discussions are ongoing with all partners, including IFRC, to identify the best data collection solution for the different projects in the country. Health risks like acute watery diarrhea, fever and rash, bloody diarrhea, fever and neck stiffness will be included.