tech volunteers

Want to contribute?

The CBS contributors are developers, designers and domain experts who contribute in concrete ways to the project. Anyone can become a contributor through the open source platform development and/or events, and contributions can take many forms. Contributors may find themselves doing one or more of the following:


Putting the final pieces together in a full working symphony.

Reporting and/or fixing bugs

Creating or fixing github issues for bugs seen in use or development of the system.

Providing graphics and web design

We sorely need help creating an aesthetically pleasing platform.

Assisting with project infrastructure

A solid system needs a solid foundation.

Identifying requirements

Helping domain experts define how the system should work.

Supporting new users

Existing users are often the best people to support new users.

Writing documentation

Solid documentation makes life easier for everyone.

Adding features

No idea is bad until proven otherwise!

Want to contribute?

Contributors engage with the project through the issues identified on GitHub. They submit changes to the project via pull requests, which will be considered for inclusion in the project by the Red Cross. If a contributor needs help when making a first contribution, questions may be asked on the slack group or directly to the developer team at the Norwegian Red Cross.

Are you interested in knowing more about how you can become tech volunteer? Here you can find all relevant information if you want to start contributing!