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Community-based surveillance (CBS) is the systematic detection and reporting of events of public health significance within a community by community members.

By allowing for volunteers from the communities to report on health situations we can ensure that the right help is provided, in the right place and at the right time.

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Nyss is a custom software platform for data collection, management and analysis; tailored to the needs of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

​Nyss allows for real-time detection, reporting, aggregation, and analysis of information on community health risks, which helps health authorities act faster and save lives!

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volunteer data collectors
reporting during the last 7 days


active Nyss implementations


escalated alerts
since February 2020

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Nyss in the world

Here is an overview of current implementations done by Red Cross with Nyss (red areas).


"We are now tracking all cases, and we are responding earlier, before we get an outbreak."

Kaltun Hussein Dahir

Somaliland project, Somalia Red Crescent Society

"CBS has been really useful here [Mozambique, 2019] because it's easy to roll out, and it's an easy learning curve for the volunteers."

Richard White

CBS delegate